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Do You Want To Discover the Secrets of other Personal Chefs and Yacht Chefs? And Why They Get To Work For The Rich & The Famous? Then Introducing the New Personal Chefs Course & The Yacht Chefs Course!

Dear Chef,

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Chef Stuart Shaw and I have been a Personal Chef & Yacht Chef to the Super Rich and Famous for over 30 years.

I absolutely LOVE what I do, and I bet once you start your path to becoming a Personal Chef or a Yacht Chef, you will too!

You don't have to be a celebrity to be a personal chef or a Yacht Chef. I am certainly not a celebrity and I make a boat load more money doing what I love; than I ever did working for a restaurant or institution.

So What's The Secret To Becoming a Personal Chef or a Yacht Chef and Working with the Super Rich & Famous?

Well....Get your hands on MY BRAND NEW Courses and find out!

Here is a sample of what you will get in the Personal Chefs Course...

  • How to market and advertise yourself as a personal chef to the "right people". Step by step method for interviewing new clients.

  • The proper protocol for working with celebrities that will cause you to fail if you don't understand.

  • How to charge your clients and the appropriate method for structuring how they pay you.

  • The psychology of being a successful personal chef as it relates to high client expectations.

  • The fastest and easiest method for menu planning, inventory and provisioning.

  • The main causes of losing clients that NO ONE WILL EVER TELL YOU ABOUT.

Now that the Caribbean yachting season is closing the mega-yachts are on their way back to south florida to go into the ship yards and clean up.This is the time that they re-crew before heading up north for the summer season. OUR YACHT CHEFS COURSE IS READY!

Here is a sample of what you will get in the Yacht Chefs Course...

  • Step by step daily schedule and meal template for the new yacht chef from breakfast through dinner.

  • Required certification consultation for motor Yacht Chefs: where, what, when and how much?

  • The one thing that can ruin you financially as a yacht chef that no one wants to talk about.

  • The dynamics of cooking on something that moves.

  • How to procure great food "down island" when there are no grocery stores available.

  • How to manage your affairs at home when you are out of the country and you have no help.

  • List of top crew placement agencies and how to get them to recognize you.

The Personal Chefs Course and the Yacht Chefs Course put the FABULOUS WORLD OF THE SUPER RICH & FAMOUS into your life....and the money ain't so bad either.

Hear what Chef Daniel Brady had to say about The Personal Chefs Course:

Chef Stu's Personal Chefs Course CD's and manual are tremendous.

First, it is amazing the variety of functional, practical advice that Chef Stu demonstrates. In addition, Chef Stu has organized all this content rich information into easy to follow steps. I would highly recommend Chef Stu's Personal Chefs Course to anyone who has a culinary background and is ready to change their life.

Chef Daniel Brady

Hear what Chef David Barnes had to say about The Yacht Chefs Course:

Thank you for such a FANTASTIC product...

Thank you for creating such a FANTASTIC product! I have been following the steps in the Yacht Chefs Course and already I have received 3 Yacht Chef Jobs in one of the most prestigious communities in the Miami Beach area. I love the way this Course is broken down. Great product by a man who definitely knows what he is talking about!

Chef David Barnes

So...If you want to make some remarkable strides in your culinary career and inject yourself with some encouragement, motivation and passion for excellence, then these investments are a no-brainer.


The 10 Things That Will Make You Fail as a Personal Chef That No One Will Ever Tell You - $15.00

The Inside Secrets to Cooking For The Stars - $15.00

How to Secure the Big Deals With Small Meals - $15.00

Marketing and Advertising For the Personal Chef - $15.00

How to Hook Them With the First Bite! - $15.00

Complete Set of Catering Menus Categorized by Course and Price Increments - $35.00

Click here and order your copy of the PERSONAL CHEFS COURSE for $200

YES! Chef Stu I am ready to invest $200 in my future as a Personal Chef!

Click here and order your copy of the YACHT CHEFS COURSE for $275

YES! Chef Stu I am ready to invest $275 in my future as a Yacht Chef!


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